I. express ex‧press 1 [ɪkˈspres] verb [transitive]
1. to say what you think or feel about something:

• The sales manager expressed caution about the deal.

• The USA expressed reservations before eventually signing the agreement.

• Worries have been expressed within the industry about a rise in interest rates.

2. LAW to state clearly and openly something that has been agreed:

• Such warranties are implied, unless a contract expresses a contrary intention.

3. STATISTICS to write a quantity or amount in numbers, letters, or other figures:
express something as/​in

• The country's level of expenditure is expressed as a percentage of the measure of economic activity.

• The value of the coffee becomes significantly higher when expressed in foreign currency.

  [m0] II. express express 2 adjective [only before a noun]
1. stated or written clearly and openly, and showing a clear purpose or intention:

• the distinction between express authority and mere consent

• Copyright prevents use of this material without the express permission of the author.

• There is an express agreement by the plaintiff to pay £10 towards the ground-rent.

2. an express service is one that is quicker than the normal service:

• overnight express trains

• It takes anything from 2 to 5 days, depending on whether or not you use an express transfer.

* * *

express UK US /ɪkˈspres/ verb [T]
to state an opinion or fact, or say how you feel about something: express doubts/reservations »

International observers had expressed growing doubts that the balloting would be fair.


express appreciation/gratitude/satisfaction

express interest »

He said that a Chinese technology company had expressed interest in acquiring an American manufacturer of disk drives.

express concern »

Some board members expressed concern about the proposal.

COMMUNICATIONS, TRANSPORT to send a package or letter somewhere by a method that is faster than usual: »

She says she expressed the documents yesterday.

to show an amount or quantity in a particular way: express sth as sth »

Expense ratios are a mutual fund's cost of doing business and are expressed as a percentage of your assets in the plan.

express sth in sth »

The rates of duty listed below are expressed in pounds sterling.

express UK US /ɪkˈspres/ adjective [only before noun]
COMMUNICATIONS, TRANSPORT sent using a service that sends packages and letters faster than is possible with the usual method: »

Did she send it by express mail?


I have an express package for you.

existing for the purpose of doing something quickly: »

If you have bags to check, you can do it curbside or at the express check-in.

TRANSPORT able to travel at a high speed and not stopping often : »

express buses

LAW clearly stated and agreed, often as a part of a contract: »

All payments were made with the express approval of both governments.


He will be the main witness at hearings, called for the express purpose of spotlighting his views on climate change.

Compare IMPLIED(Cf. ↑implied)
See also EXPRESS CONDITION(Cf. ↑express condition), EXPRESS CONTRACT(Cf. ↑express contract), EXPRESS TERM(Cf. ↑express term)
express UK US /ɪkˈspres/ adverb
COMMUNICATIONS, TRANSPORT using a service that sends packages and letters faster than is possible with the usual method: »

Send the letter express, next-day delivery.

express UK US /ɪkˈspres/ noun
[C] TRANSPORT a fast train or bus that does not stop often: »

The express skips stops to make the trip faster.

[U] COMMUNICATIONS, TRANSPORT a service that sends packages and letters faster than is possible with the usual method: »

The package should arrive by express today.

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